Target customers


You can edit treatments, whitelist customers into certain treatments, manage your targeting rules, and set the default treatment.

A. Edit the treatments you'd like to serve your customer

B. Serve a treatment to particular customer(s) and segment(s) with whitelists

C. Allocate the traffic percentage that is evaluated against the below targeting rules and default rule

D. Serve a treatment or percentage based on custom attributes
E. Serve a treatment or percentage based on Split dependencies
F. Serve a treatment or percentage using segments

H. Serve a treatment or percentage to the remaining traffic

G. Set the default treatment if the split is killed or customer is not included in the traffic allocation.

Evaluation Order

The editor is evaluated in the following order.

The first evaluation is against the whitelist section. Customers and segments listed in the whitelist section will receive the specified treatment.

The second evaluation is against the traffic allocation. If traffic allocation is set to 100%, we continue on to the targeting rules section. If traffic allocation is <100%, we then allocate a percentage of your traffic to the default treatment selected in the UI or into the targeting rules and default rule.

The third evaluation is against the targeting rules. The conditions are structured as layered if/else statements and are meant to be readable in nature. They are evaluated in order and once a condition is met, the evaluation stops.

The fourth and final evaluation is against the default rule. Remaining traffic is allocated based on the distribution set in the default rule.