Traffic type


A traffic type is a particular identifier type for any hierarchy of your customer base. Traffic types in Split are completely customizable and can be any database key you choose to send to Split, i.e. a user ID, account ID, IP address, browser ID, etc. Essentially, any internal database key you're using to track what "customer" means to you.

Supporting multiple traffic types gives you increased flexibility when designing your targeting rules. User or account are two of the most commonly defined traffic types.

For example, you can setup the traffic type user to rollout features by a single user or percentage of users when making changes that do not have a significant impact on user experience or backend changes. Then, you could also setup the traffic type account when user experience is significantly impacted by a change, and it's important that all users under that account have a consistent feature experience.


You can customize your traffic type as needed during your account setup.

Split allows you to have up to five traffic types. You can add traffic types in Admin Settings > Traffic Types. Note that once a traffic type is created it cannot be edited.

If you are having issues with your traffic type, we're here to help. You can get in touch with our support team by emailing