Rollbar is an error tracking software for development teams. Integrate Split data into Rollbar to get rollout events in Rollbar to gain insight on the causes of errors.

If you are having trouble completing the integration please contact us at

In Rollbar

  1. Log in to your Rollbar account.
  2. Click on Settings.
  1. Select Project Access Tokens.
  2. Click Add new access token.
  1. Edit the new token and rename to split.
  2. Ensure post_server_item is the only item checked.
  1. Copy the token.

In Split

  1. Go to Admin Settings:
    1. Click Integrations
    2. Select your workspace, and navigate to the Marketplace
  1. Click Add next to Rollbar.
  1. Paste the token you copied in step 3.
  2. Click Save.

Split notifications should now be flowing into Rollbar. Of course, please contact if you have any issues with this integration.