Identifying customers

Not used for targeting and get_treatment

Customer attributes are not meant to be used for targeting your roll out definitions or as part of the standard usage of get_treatment. In order to target, you must pass the attribute with the get_treatment call. Learn more about targeting based on custom attributes.


You can use the Split API to identify your customers in Split, making them available for targeting and enriching autocomplete functionality throughout the Split web console. Identifying your customers can be useful if you want to pre-populate the Split web console for your team as well as provide customer data when setting up your rollouts and analyzing impression data.


Split offers both a Rest API as well as client specific wrappers to utilize when sending to Split attributes on your customers.


As an administrator in Split, you can see the attributes your team is sending to Split and the last time an update was received.

To manage your organization's attributes, go to admin settings > traffic types and select view / edit attributes.

There you can edit the display name, the description and the attribute type.



The customer dashboard provides a customer specific filter showing the traffic history for each customer by feature. The customer's attribute data (located in the side rail) is populated from the attribute data you send via Split's API.